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Rakeback And VIP programma Poker Star

Online poker is one of the most popular pastimes for many people worldwide. In the largest poker rooms around 100,000 players are permanently active. It is known that finance providers through the so-called "rake". This is a fee that must be paid at the beginning of each player's tournament. In cash games, a part of each pot to the operator, and this value is called the rake. Meanwhile, there are numerous rakeback programs over which the player can receive back this charge partially. Some of them are run by external providers. Others are directly integrated into the poker room and are considered Rakeback bonus promotion. The PokerStars rakeback is particularly ingenious because it under a VIP program applies.

Poker Stars VIP Program

Many online poker rooms are now equipped with a loyalty program. Here, players earn by activity points. This can usually be used in many ways. Thus, players can buy in tournaments with them or trade them in for special items. Poker Stars Rakeback is a part of this VIP program. Of course, the poker room also offers a points system. The players get here so-called "frequent player points" (FPP) by playing for real money. The FPPs can against many products are traded in different fields. Even some luxury bodies are listed in the product range. Points also to the PokerStars Rakeback are bound. All the more is collected, the further increases the user up the loyalty ladder.

Depending on loyalty status is the Poker Stars Rakeback from different heights. Added to this we also various other Bonus Rakeback that are made available by the operator. As the FPP can be used at any time, Poker Stars has introduced an additional point system in the loyalty program, through which that status can be retained. This "VIP Player Points" (VPPs) are always earned at the same rate, while the FPP rate depending on VIP status increases.

The VIP status at PokerStars program

To be eligible to benefit from the highest possible Poker Stars rakeback, it is necessary to actively play and achieve a very high VIP status. Each player starts at the Bronze Star status. Here is the relevant person not enjoy special Bonus Rakeback. But already from the second level, the Silver Star, the user can look forward to a higher rate of FPP and the first Poker Stars Rakeback. If a player to earn 1,500 VPPs within a month, he is promoted to the Silver Star status. Here he earned FPPs with increased by 1.5 speed. Furthermore, the proposed Poker Stars Rakeback eight percent.

This value, however, by no means represents the maximum within a month who earned 4,000 VPPs comes, as Gold Star to benefit from a 14-percent PokerStars Rakeback. In addition, you earn FPPs twice as fast as the Bronze Star level. In many benefits come PlatinumStar users. Among others in the FPP Store, additional objects. In addition, amounts of PokerStars Rakeback at 20 percent. The penultimate state bears the name "Supernova" called. For this purpose, an amazing activity is necessary because within one year 100,000 VPPs must be earned.