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Casino Gambling in the Land of Marley and Bolt

Unibet gambling review: Ask anyone about the Caribbean island of Jamaica and they will probably reply with the words sun, sea, Bob Marley or Usain Bolt. But after legislators, in the fifth largest island country in the Caribbean, approved two bills that will allow casinos to be built on the island, maybe things are about to change?

Gambling is a form of entertainment and people on vacations like to be entertained. The idea to create casinos on the island can be nothing but great news for both the tourism economy and the Jamaican economy, as the creation of the new casinos will provide plenty of jobs for the local people of this very proud country.

The reason that casinos have not yet sprouted up on the island is that religious groups have opposed their creation, over fears that they will lead to problems such as addiction. It was just two-short years ago that Jamaica first approved legislation to legalise casinos, but the recent announcement now allows interested parties to apply for a gambling license.

It is envisaged that the recent changes in legislation will allow developers to finally move forward with plans to build fully integrates resorts in Jamaica. Resorts that encompass entertainment, shopping and of course casino gambling. The Act states that no more than three integrated resort developments, with a casino gambling license, will be allowed to operate in Jamaica.

It will be interested to see which investors are first to take advantage of the change in legislation.