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Essential Casino Equipments for the Casino Entrepreneur

You have been thinking and planning of opening your own casino in your city. You bought the lot, you have built the casino structure and you have secured yourself the building and business permit. The only thing that is left to do is to finish the interior and to order and purchase the essential casino equipments for your own casino.

There are a million and one casino and gambling suppliers around the world, and each and everybody would be available and pleased to supply your casino with the essentials. If you have a huge budget to spend then you should definitely go for the best casino suppliers available, but if you are on a tight budget then go for the retail suppliers.

Now to the essential casino equipments that you would need to purchase. The most essential casino equipments for the tight budget are the slot machines and the video poker machines. You should invest in these casino equipments first because slot machines and video poker machines do not a dealer and can be played alone.

The other most essential casino equipments are the table games. For the table games your need to buy the specific tables such as roulette tables, poker tables, blackjack tables, craps tables, baccarat tables and tables of other possible table games. Make sure that every table has a unified color as to match the overall casino colors and tones.

Next in the essential casino equipment list are the individual safes and cashiers. These are very important because these equipments safe keep the circulating casino money. When talking of money, you should invest a good sum in casino chips as well. Get yourself some good essential custom made casino chips with the casino logo on it. Remember to buy special roulette chips as well that do not have any printed denomination.

The other essentials in the casino equipment are the cards for poker, baccarat and blackjack, the card shoes for the individual tables, the different palettes for the different games, the balls for roulette or the lotteries for example and table tops for the different games.

There are also lottery games that can be found in the casinos. If you want your casino to have a Bingo or Keno station, then you should invest in a Keno and Bingo machine and in the respective flashboards that have the winning numbers displayed on them.

These are the most essential casino equipments that you should be getting for your own casino, but you can always add other casino equipments to it once you feel like expanding.